Col. Jay Vargas

A Brave War Hero Marine Corps Col. Jay Vargas

Col. Jay Vargas was a Captain leading Company G, 2nd., Battalion, Fourth Marines, when he assaulted the village of Dai Do on May 1, 1968. On April 30, 1968, Captain Day received painful wounds but he refused to be evacuated. Despite his wounds and large volume of enemy fire, he successfully maneuvered his company and two others through open ground gaining foothold in the village. When his men became pinned down, and he was wounded for a second time, he continued the fight to ensure that the objective was secure. After receiving reinforcements, Captain Vargas remained in the open offering aid and encouragement to his beleaguered Marines He was hit a third time and he still lead his Marines until he saw his battalion Commander go down. Charging through a hail of gun fire, Captain Vargas successfully evacuated his Commander to safety, before rejoining his Marines and reorganizing their defense. For his actions during those three days, Captain Vargas received the Medal of Honor. Thank you for answering the call to Serve our Country, Col. Jay Vargas and also for you Sacrifice! You are a True War Hero, who will not be forgotten!