Col. George Day

A Courageous Hero U. S. Air Force Col. George Day

On August 26, 1967, Col. George Day was shot out of the sky from his F-100 over Vietnam. He was a Major, leading a Misty Forward Air Control flight when his plane was crippled by anti-aircraft fire. As he ejected, he was badly injured and after reaching the ground was captured and taken to a small POW camp. He was able to trick his guards and made it into the jungle. Despite his injuries and incurring more, Major Day traveled south towards the DMZ. He survived by eating berries and frogs. He was unable to signal for help from several American planes that were overhead. Suffering from delirium, he walked around aimlessly and was recaptured by the Viet Cong who shot him in the hand and leg in the process. Major Day offered nothing but maximum resistance to the enemy and kept his faith with his fellow POWs. He received his Medal of Honor for his bravery in escape and resistance and he also received the Air Force Cross for his staunch refusal to cooperate. To date, he is the only man to receive both awards. Thank you for your Service and Sacrifice, Col. George Day, to our Country! You are a True War Hero and we will always honor you!