1st Lt. Rebecca Turpin

A Great War Hero U. S. Marine 1st. Lt. Rebecca Turpin

U. S. Marine 1st. Lt. Rebecca Turpin was serving a six month deployment to Afghanistan from the late 2008 to mid 2009. She was then a 2nd. Lt., and she led supply convoys. The convoy had eighteen vehicles departed for a mission around 4am., which was expected to take one day. They finished two days later after hitting multiple improvised explosive devices. She continued to keep the mission going, managing the vehicle loses and keeping her Men alive. 2nd. Lt. Turpin convoy came under heavy fire in a small village. She called for a pair of Cobra helicopters, directed the air support and eliminating and dispersing the threats. As the convoy began to leave the village, insurgents reappeared and began fire again. 2nd. Lt. Turpin directed the machine gunners and Cobra helicopters and skillfully escape with her convoy and completed the mission. 1st Lt. Turpin earned the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with Valor device. She is one of few women ever to receive it. Thank you for your brave Service and Sacrifice to our Country! You are a True War Hero.