GySgt. John L. Canley

Medal of Honor Hero, John L. Canley

John L. Canley was a Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant. It has been fifty years that he led his company in a brutal week-long battle against North Vietnamese troops, saving hundreds of people from harm during the infamous Battle of Hue City. Canley who is eighty years old, finally received his Medal of Honor on October 17, 2018, by President Donald Trump at a White House Ceremony. He also received the Navy Cross two years after the battle and his Men who served under him said, ” He deserved the ” Medal of Honor” as The Battle of Hue City was one of the bloodiest battles of the Vietnam War.” It was a surprise attack by North Vietnamese troops, known as the Tet Offensive. Canley, a Gunnery Sergeant for the Alpha Company, 1st., Battalion, 1st. Marines, went to battle on January 31, 1968. The company ran across intense enemy fire. Canley ran through it, risking his life to carry injured Marines back to safety. His Company Commander was also wounded, so he assumed command despite his own injuries. The next three days the company was able to drop an explosive, taking out several insurgents and forcing those who survived to run away. On February 6, 1968, his unit tried to capture a government building. They suffered heavy casualties, but Canley encouraged his Men to move forward until they drove the enemy out. Canley again was wounded but refused to let his injuries stop him. He was seen scaling a concrete wall in full view of the enemy to pick up fallen Marines and carry them to safety. He was not a gruff or screaming guy. Former Marine Corps PFC , John Ligato said, ” you followed him because he was a true leader……something you need in life-and-death situations…..he was totally fearless. He loved his Marines and we loved him back!” We must Honor you and never forget your Service and Sacrifice to our Country! You are a True Hero and we will never forget you!